Movies: Freedomland, Together, Worth (All films available on Netflix)

Movie 1: Freedomland

First, it boasts a great cast: Julianne Moore, Samuel Jackson and Edie Falco. That said, the film is focused on racial and social inequality especially in urban areas. Some scenes are not easy to watch. The topics vary wildly, each seemingly its own self contained story. Listed as a Thriller/Drama.


Movie 2: Together

A timely film about a European couple struggling with re-evaluating work and their relationship during months of Covid lockdown in London. It’s listed as a comedy but the similarity with today’s pandemic landscape is inescapable.


Movie 3: Worth

This film is focused on the 2001 World Trade Center attacks and its aftermath. It’s a chronicle of legal processes intended to provide financial aid to the surviving people impacted by the horrific event. It’s not easy to watch.



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  1. I seldom attend the movie theaters but I do watch my movies via Netflix and others. So thank you for including these reviews for me and others like me. Happy Journeys.

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