Movies: Dune, Belfast, Eternals

Greetings to all!  Especially to our long term audience.  And a warm welcome to our newest friends from our recent Italy and Sicily adventure.  [More to come in a separate post!]

Movie 1: Dune

It’s rated PG-13 with some violence, disturbing images and suggestive material. Stunningly weird says one critic. Pay no attention to that. The production is packed with treachery, politics, stunning visuals and thought provoking concepts!


Movie 2: Belfast

Many critics are calling this the best movie of the year! It’s set in the tumultuous 1960s Belfast, Northern Ireland. The cinematography, in black and white, is stunning! The dialog can be a bit challenging to follow but worth the effort. Judi Dench gives an excellent performance.


Movie 3: Eternals

This Fantasy Action Adventure is listed as PG-13. Parents should know there is violence, sexuality and some strong language. Overall the film is beautifully crafted. The plot is filled with heroes and villains. Well worth the 2 hours, 37 minute run time.



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