Movies: The Power of the Dog, The Starling, The Unforgivable

Movie 1: The Power of the Dog

This is an intriguing Western Drama written and directed by Jane Campion. It’s based on the 1967 novel by the same name written by Thomas Savage. The film has been recently released in theaters and Netflix. It’s beautifully filmed with an excellent cast. That said, there is a lot of prolonged conflict and angst. This movie is garnering lots of Oscar buzz.


Movie 2: The Starling

Here’s a film that just lets one relax and enjoy the ride. It’s listed as a Comedy/Drama. Critics have been tough on this film but we think there is so much more to absorb from the storyline. Some viewers may balk a bit at the slow pace. On Netflix.


Movie 3 : The Unforgivable

This film has an impressive cast! Sandra Bullock is the headliner. Next is Viola Davis, Richard Thomas and a dozen more actors. It’s often difficult to watch with strong language and violence.



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