Movies: No Time To Die, The French Dispatch, Encounter

Movie 1: No Time To Die

This 2021 action/adventure production rambles on for almost three hours!! The good news is the plot is crisp and unfolds in a series of action filled pace. Bond fans have been somewhat disappointed with this rendition.

All that said, this storyline is jammed with all the action, suspense, innovation and surprise we have come to expect. Critic reviews vary significantly. Just saying…we loved it!


Movie 2: The French Dispatch

Oy! This Wes Anderson film is a choc-a-bloc story that asks a lot from its audiences. Parents be warned…be prepared for nudity, sexuality, strong language. We were surprised it is listed as a comedy/drama. Overall, disappointment left us expecting a better experience.


Movie 3: Encounter

This film was marketed as a Sci-fi Thriller…but it is really a story about mental health. The good news is the cast is talented and the concept is quite unique. It’s clever and thought provoking. It’s just a shame the plot wasn’t as sturdy as the acting.



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