Movies: The Hand of God, Red Notice, West Side Story

Movie 1: Hand of God

This film is rated R. It has some sexual content, some drug use, and a bit of nudity. It takes place in Naples, Italy in the 1980s. Best of all, it’s a peek behind the scenes of Italian life. It feels personal and unsentimental. Emotions range wildly from character to character. There’s a bit of seductive drama and a few surprises. In theatres and available on Netflix. Italian with English subtitles. This film was just nominated for a Golden Globe in Best Picture Non-English Language category.


Movie 2: Red Notice

The FBI are after the world’s most wanted art thief! Interpol agents are also on the hunt! Equally important, the cast includes Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and at least a dozen more. The chemistry of this cast is core to the viewers entertainment. It’s available on Netflix.


Movie 3: West Side Story

This is a spectacular film directed by Steven Spielberg. It’s a remake of the 1957 musical by the same name. The remake/reproduction of the original is certain to satisfy new and old audiences. That said, there are numerous differences between the original and the current production. Great acting, great story, great film!



One thought on “Movies: The Hand of God, Red Notice, West Side Story”

  1. I’m excited to see West Side Story. Why would anyone attempt to redo this brilliant original film. I’m anxious to see Spielberg’s effort.


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