Movies: The Bombardment (The Shadow in My Eye), Against the Ice, Ambulance

Movie 1: The Bombardment

This is a fascinating true WWII story released October 28, 2021 in Denmark. Set in WWII Copenhagen a school full of children was bombed. Given current events in Ukraine we suggest adult viewers only. This film is on Netflix with the title of The Bombardment.


Movie 2: Against the Ice

This film is also a Netflix release. Based on a true story in Greenland in a 1909 polar expedition. This is a very intriguing drama about man versus brutal nature. We do not think it appropriate for young viewers.


Movie 3 Ambulance

This film is listed as an Action/Thriller. It’s rated R for language, intense violence, and bloody images. It is not appropriate for children. It’s a riveting film about a Los Angeles bank robbery gone very wrong. We found it implausible, but very entertaining.



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