Movies: The Black Phone, The Forgiven, Mr. Malcolm’s List

Movie 1: The Black Phone

Oye! Where to begin with this one? It’s a really intelligent horror thriller, but there is so much more. Parents should be aware the film is rated R for language, drug use, violence and bloody images. Ethan Hawke plays his role as a sadistic child kidnapper very well. Run time is 1 hour, 42 minutes. This movie is very intense.

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Movie 2: The Forgiven

This British movie is beautifully filmed in the Sahara Desert and High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. A random accident impacts a lavish weekend house party. We found the movie interesting because of the actors and the beautiful locale. However, this R rated film may not be for everyone.


Movie 3: Mr. Malcolm’s List

This 19th-century British film is about the relationships of wealthy young Londoners. It’s a period comedy/romance piece. It reveals insight into the culture of the time. Much of it less than acceptable by modern standards and that makes it a bit challenging to follow. Beautiful costumes and sets in a lavish English countryside. If you are a fan of the Bridgerton Netflix series, you will enjoy this movie.



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