Movies: Nope, Bullet Train, Hallelujah

Movie 1: Nope

This Horror/Sci-fi film is rated R for violence, bloody images, and language throughout! The good news is the movie does not take itself seriously. The characters are interesting to watch, yet oddly don’t develop. Critics are generally less than favorable. We agree and found the creepy concept less than rewarding.


Movie 2: Bullet Train

This film is a two hour Action/Comedy set almost entirely on the world’s fastest train. To be sure…it is a dark comedic thriller that is sometimes quite difficult to watch. Overlook the mixed bag of characters and unique style and just enjoy the ride. Brad Pitt is a hoot.


Movie 3: Hallelujah

Hands down, our favorite film of the week!! This is a remarkable documentary about the life and times of Leonard Cohen. It’s already being touted as the best documentary of the year with Oscar written all over it. We agree. Do seek this film out.



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