Emily the Criminal, Day Shift, Mack and Rita

Movie 1: Emily the Criminal

Emily struggles to repay her student debt. A criminal record and stolen credit cards don’t help. It’s a Crime/Thriller rated R for drug use and violence. The flaws are a bit annoying, but the excellent acting, writing and action make it worth overlooking. This is a surprise of a very good movie.


Movie 2: Day Shift

A vampire action thriller with just enough action to keep viewers’ attention. It gets a bit corny with the vampire hunters union and such, but Jamie Foxx and Snoop Dog make this movie a lot of fun, sarcasm notwithstanding. This two hour film is currently on Netflix. It’s not suitable for children.


Movie 3: Mack and Rita

This comedy is just ok. The storyline is unlikely and a bit too much slap stick. Diane Keaton, always nice to see, tries her best to salvage this movie. With so much more to watch these days don’t feel badly about passing this one.


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