Easter Sunday, Vengeance, Gabby Giffords: Won’t Back Down

Movie 1: Easter Sunday

This is a Filipino comedy about a struggling LA actor driving home to Daly City for Easter Sunday. The large family with its many interactions was fun to watch. And the San Francisco connection kept our interest. But overall, the movie is just ok and may not translate to a national audience.


Movie 2: Vengeance

This is an R rated dark comedy thriller about a New York journalist who goes to West Texas to investigate the murder of a former girlfriend. It is the directorial debut of lead actor B.J. Novak. The writing is excellent and very timely.


Movie 3: Gabby Giffords: Won’t Back Down

This is an excellent documentary about the former Tuscon congresswomen Gabby Giffords. It follows her life as she recovers from a 2011 shooting. It is powerful, difficult at times to watch, but necessary viewing for anyone who believes in sensible gun control.


2 thoughts on “Easter Sunday, Vengeance, Gabby Giffords: Won’t Back Down”

  1. Easter Sunday was on my list, I’ll wait to see it. I’ll be looking for the others. Thanks love your reviews

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