A Love Song, A Call to Spy, The Gray Man

Movie 1: A Love Song

Set in rural Southwest Colorado, a lone traveler waits for her old high school boyfriend to arrive at her campsite. Beautifully filmed and acted. The sense of loneliness, anticipation and innocence are almost tangible. Dale Dickey and Wes Studi make this movie shine.


Movie 2: A Call to Spy

In the early stages of WWII Winston Churchill orders the creation of an all women spy agency. Based on true events, this war time drama is riveting and a topic we knew nothing about. The acting and writing are very good, and you quickly get caught up in the lives of the newly recruited spies. This 2020 movie is on Netflix.


Movie 3: The Gray Man

This CIA based action thriller, set in 2003, is fast paced with location shots all over Europe. Ryan Gosling plays the shadowy CIA agent. We found the action, acting and cinematography a lot of fun. This film was in movie theatres but currently can be found on Netflix.


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