Bodies Bodies Bodies, Beast, Emergency Declaration

Movie 1: Bodies Bodies Bodies

It’s an R rated Horror/Comedy…more of a third rate slasher film. 20 somethings strike up a party game that goes very wrong! We should have walked out after a half hour…


Movie 2: Beast

Oye! Here is a mystery/thriller set in South Africa. It’s rated R for bloody images, violent content, and language. Critics have not been kind with this film. We begrudgingly enjoyed it. Not to be viewed if you have safari plans.


Movie 3: Emergency Declaration

This action thriller was a huge surprise. It will take a bit of time to adjust to the ongoing threat, but tensions and behavior ratchet up quickly. A passenger plane attempts to land with a terrorist on board. If this was an American movie, with American actors it would be a block buster summer hit. We saw it in a Korean movie theatre, so it may be difficult to find. Korean with English subtitles.


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