Ali and Ava, Blood Red Sky, Orphan: First Kill

Movie 1: Ali and Ava

This is a British drama about two lonely people who share a fondness for the young child of one of Ali’s tenets. It is charming and heartwarming as their bond deepens, despite their very different backgrounds and racial tensions. Fortunately the movie has English subtitles as the British accent in this film can be challenging to understand.


Movie 2: Blood Red Sky

A German widow and her young son board a plane for New York where she will receive medical attention. This movie had all the right ingredients for an interesting hijack and terrorist plot. And then, viola! it becomes a vampire hijack terrorist plot. We did not see that coming. As vampire movies go, this one was rather entertaining. This film is currently on Netflix.


Movie 3: Orphan: First Kill

This is a prequel to the 2009 movie Orphan. A young Estonian girl escapes from a psychiatric clinic and pretends to be the missing daughter of a wealthy New York couple. It quickly goes very far downhill from there. It was nice to see Julia Stiles though.


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