Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul, Alienoid, The Invitation

Movie 1: Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul

This religious comedy/dark satire debuted in January at the Sundance Film Festival to very favorable reviews. It’s the directorial debut of writer-director Adamma Ebo. A disgraced televangelist pastor and his wife try and reopen their church. Acting, writing, costumes are very good and very timely. In theatres and also streaming on Peacock.


Movie 2: Alienoid

Here’s another Korean film, that if American made, would no doubt be a summer blockbuster. Aliens come down to earth and inhabit normal human bodies. The movie spans many centuries from 1380 to present day. The action and special effects are first rate. The almost two and half hours flew by. Korean with English subtitles.


Movie 3: The Invitation

Here is yet another vampire movie! We aren’t generally fans of this genre. But we found this film intelligent (well, as far as vampire movies go) and very entertaining. An American girl is invited to the English countryside to attend a cousins wedding. Let’s just say more than wine is served at the reception…


2 thoughts on “Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul, Alienoid, The Invitation”

  1. So fun that you like Honk! I hope to see it soon. Everyone can use a good laugh right about now. Wondering if you saw Jaws today at the $3 movies? I hope you tell us all how it’s holding up!

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