Jaws, Waiting for Bojangles, Gigi and Nate

Movie 1: Jaws

This 1975 classic has aged very, very well and is still a classic. We saw it on IMAX on $3 Saturday. If it’s in a theatre near year, buy a large bag of popcorn (with butter, of course!) and sit back and enjoy.


Movie 2: Waiting for Bojangles

This is a French film that depicts mental illness with almost a party like quality set in the glorious south of France. The acting is outstanding, as is the cinematography. While not always easy to watch, we found this film mesmerizing. French with English subtitles.


Movie 3: Gigi and Nate

We really did not expect much from this movie and decided to see it to escape a 97 degree San Francisco afternoon. Were we pleasantly surprised! A young college bound man suffers an illness that leaves him quadriplegic. A capuchin monkey becomes his support animal. This coming-of-age drama hits all the right notes. And it’s always wonderful to see Diane Ladd.


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