Fall, The Territory, Barbarian

Movie 1: Fall

This movie was filmed in the Mojave desert using IMAX cameras. Two mountain climbing friends decide to scale a 2,000 foot obsolete radio tower. Once on top it all starts falling apart, literally. We found this movie entertaining with great cinematography. However, if you are at all afraid of heights, this movie can be stomach turning.


Movie 2: The Territory

This documentary about burning the Amazon rain forest, stealing land from indigenous peoples, climate change has all the right ingredients. Yet we found it boring, too clinical and ultimately disappointing. Portuguese with English subtitles.


Movie 3: Barbarian

Here is another Horror film from which we weren’t expecting much. A young woman on a job interview rents a Detroit house that is already rented by a young man. They soon realize this house has more in it than the two of them. While not particular fans of this genre we found the movie scary, interesting and really well done.


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