Moonage Daydream, The Forgotten Battle, The Perfumier

Movie 1: Moonage Daydream

We thought this movie about the life of David Bowie was going to be a documentary. While the archival footage of Bowie’s life is voluminous, it’s more of a philosophical drama than a true documentary. If you are a David Bowie fan, you will find this movie a masterpiece. We found it long and loud.


Movie 2: The Forgotten Battle

This WWII drama is historically accurate with the Canadian Army leading the way to liberate an important Dutch harbor. This movie follows a young Dutch girl who joins the resistance and a British glider pilot shot down in a Dutch town. On Netflix. Dutch with dubbed English.


Movie 3: The Perfumier

We found this German thriller totally confusing. A female detective loses her sense of smell and tries to steal a remedy from a deranged sociopath. Way too many twists and turns. On Netflix. German with English subtitles.


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