Pearl, Don’t Worry Darling, Lou

Movie 1: Pearl

For the first half hour or so this horror/slasher movie was quite good and entertaining. Then it just fell apart. Pearl is trapped and isolated on her family farm, taking care of her sick father and obeying her overbearing mother. Then it’s Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz meets the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


Movie 2: Don’t Worry Darling

This movie premiered in September at the Venice International Film Festival and has all the right ingredients: beautiful people, location, clothes and cinematography. But it just doesn’t deliver. Set in the California desert in 1953, a young couple seemingly lives an idyllic life, until they don’t. Part drama, part sci-fi but mostly a very confusing, yet beautifully filmed, mess.


Movie 3: Lou

A young girl is kidnapped on the San Juan islands of Washington State. Her mother, and a neighbor, try to find her. We found this thriller gripping and tense, and a showcase for the always wonderful Allison Janney. Currently on Netflix.


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