The Woman King, A Jazzman’s Blues, No Limit

Movie 1: The Woman King

Set in 1823, an all-female warrior group defends the Kingdom of Dahomey (today the country of Benin) in West Africa from the American and Brazilian slave trade. This is a remarkable movie from beginning to end. Powerful, beautifully filmed and acted. Numerous Oscar nominations are likely. Seek this one out.


Movie 2: A Jazzman’s Blues

This southern drama from Tyler Perry is as long and languid as a Georgia summer night. This is an investigation into an unsolved murder that is full of secrets, deceit and forbidden (and in 1953) unlawful love. The acting, cinematography and script are flawless. Currently in theatres but soon on Netflix.


Movie 3: No Limit

Set in the south of France, a college student from Paris decides to take free form diving lessons. Based on a true story, this film alternates between suspenseful, steamy and just plain sad. Ultimately it loses its way. French with dubbed English. On Netflix.


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