Spoiler Alert, She Said, TAR

Movie 1: Spoiler Alert

Based on the book ‘Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies’ this movie chronicles the life of a young gay couple, one of whom has terminal cancer. While a tear jerker, this movie can be very funny. The cast is stellar. And as with the movie Bros (4 globes, not reviewed here) it is wonderful to see gay actors in gay roles. Finally.


Movie 2: She Said

This is a gripping biographical drama based on the real-life story by two New York Times investigative reporters. This movie chronicles the abuse by Harvey Weinstein and what it took for his celebrity accusers to come forward. This is brilliant and important film making.


Movie 3: TAR

This is a fascinating psychological drama about the life and eventual downfall of a famous Berlin Orchestra composer-conductor. This movie is beautifully filmed and intentionally slow. It is also a marvelous showcase for Cate Blanchett’s immense talent.


3 thoughts on “Spoiler Alert, She Said, TAR”

  1. We enjoyed it very much. The story line is interesting, the acting is great, but it has a sad ending (spoiler alert).

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