Till, The Inspection, Last Seen Alive

Movie 1: Till

This is a powerful movie based on the true story of Mamie Till-Bradley, mother of Emmet Till, who pursued justice after her sons brutal 1955 Mississippi murder. At times difficult to watch, this story on the brutality of racism is perfectly made and, unfortunately, still timely. Excellent acting, writing and direction. And it is always good to see Whoopi Goldberg, no matter how small the role.


Movie 2: The Inspection

This is the story of a young, gay black man, who after being rejected by his family, decides to join the Marines. This is a true story based on the experiences of writer director Elegance Bratton. The movie does a really good job of tapping into the internal struggles of this man in an era when Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was official US policy.


Movie 3: Last Seen Alive

This action film is about a soon-to-be ex wife mysteriously vanishing at a gas station. Not great film making but entertaining enough. If you are a fan of Gerard Butler’s recent movies, i.e.; London Has Fallen, Angel Has Fallen, Greenland, you will enjoy this movie. Currently on Netflix.


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