Missing, When You Finish Saving the World, M3GAN

Movie 1: Missing

This is a very good thriller/mystery with lots of twists and turns. A teenage girl’s mother goes missing during a vacation to Colombia. The technology savvy daughter tries to find her. Currently in theatres and streaming on Hulu.


Movie 2: When You Finish Saving the World

This is a quirky little movie that is very smart and well done. A completely dysfunctional family just tries to get through life. Julianne Moore is perfect in her role. Jesse Eisenberg wrote this very insightful, interesting, and at times charming, screenplay. He also directed. Currently in movie theatres.


Movie 3: M3GAN

We were prepared not to like this film at all. To our pleasant surprise it is really well done and intelligent (for the genre). Robotics engineers create a life like doll, and then things go very wrong. If you are a fan of science fiction/horror movies, you might enjoy this movie. In theatres worldwide (we saw it in Paris).


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