You People, Narvik, Good Luck to You Leo Grande

Movie 1: You People

This is a modern love story that deals with race, parental expectations and generational differences. The writing and humor are very fresh, intelligent and timely. Topics from Louis Farrakhan to the Holocaust are talked about. Fun to see Eddie Murphy and Julia Louis-Drefyus. On Netflix and in theatres.


Movie 2: Narvik

This is a true story about the Norwegian port city of Narvik, where Hitler had his first WWII defeat. This small port, the source of much needed iron ore, was heavily defended by both British and German troops, despite Norway’s neutrality. Very well done. In Norwegian, but we watched the dubbed English version. On Netflix.


Movie 3: Good Luck to You, Leo Grande

This is a brilliant comedy-drama about an older woman who hires a male prostitute for more than companionship. Emma Thompson is absolutely terrific and has a well-earned BAFTA nomination for her performance. The charisma between the two main characters is perfect. Very limited theatrical release (we saw it in Paris) but also on Amazon Prime.


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