Scream VI, Linoleum, Inside

Movie 1: Scream VI

Well, we walked out of Scream V, so we aren’t exactly sure how/why we ended up at Scream VI. The good news is it was raining heavily, and we did not walk out. The bad news is it was raining heavily, and we did not walk out.


Movie 2: Linoleum

This is a surreal, quasi sci-fi drama, about a failing TV science host, an asteroid that falls in his backyard, and his relationship with his family. There were some interesting moments, and the script well written, but overall confusing. And it wasn’t until the last scene that we figured out what was going on.


Movie 3: Inside

An art thief is dropped off at a huge Manhattan penthouse to steal millions of dollars worth of art. He finds himself trapped and locked in the apartment. This is a tour de force for Willem Dafoe, who is literally the only actor in the movie. It started out very interesting with a good premise, but quickly gets bogged down.


3 thoughts on “Scream VI, Linoleum, Inside”

  1. Ha ha! What a trio of bombs you had to watch. I love your description of Scream VI. Darn rain! I agree with John Hughes: you saved us some money.

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