Luther: the Fallen Sun, 65, Champions

Movie 1: Luther: the Fallen Sun

This is a crime thriller that is a continuation of a British television series of the same name. A psychopathic killer is terrorizing London. Very good acting, script and cinematography. Idris Elba is very good as the detective trying to stop the killer. On Netflix.


Movie 2: 65

This is a big budget sci-fi thriller set 65 million years ago. Humans from another planet crash land on earth and try to get back to their home planet. It’s a bit confusing at times and rather dark, and we’ve seen better dinosaurs in other movies, but overall entertaining.


Movie 3: Champions

What a pleasant surprise! This movie is based on the Spanish film Campeones. A former minor league basketball coach is court-ordered to coach a team of special needs kids, with the goal of reaching the Special Olympics. This is a feel good sports movie. Woody Harrelson is perfect as the coach.


2 thoughts on “Luther: the Fallen Sun, 65, Champions”

  1. Thanks guys.

    I’m becoming disillusioned about movies. I started watching Everything, Everywhere all at Once. 40 minutes in I stopped and asked myself ‘What the hell is this?’ Than the Academy gives it 7 academy awards.

    Maybe Champions will make me feel better about movies again?

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