Of an Age, Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre, The Strays

Movie 1: Of an Age

This is an Australian romantic drama, set in the summer of 1999. An 18 year old Serbian immigrant has a brief, but intense, romance with his dance partner’s older brother. The performances are very powerful. A major drawback was the sound. This movie needed subtitles. We did not understand a third of the dialogue due to the heavy accents.


Movie 2: Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre

This movie is a lot of fun! A team of spies hire a famous Hollywood actor to help them track down arms dealers. The chase is literally all over the world. Great scenery, quick and witty dialogue. The movie does not take itself seriously. Enjoy the ride.


Movie 3: The Strays

This British movie was a disappointment. A middle class suburban wife, who leaves her two children from a previous marriage, has her new life upended when the kids ring her doorbell. It started out very interesting, but by the end just seemed shallow and naive. On Netflix.


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