We Have a Ghost, My Happy Ending, Creed III

Movie 1: We Have a Ghost

A family moves into their new home to discover Ernest, a ghost, lives there also. This is a ‘supernatural’ comedy that is based on the 2017 novel Ernest, by Geoff Manaugh. Given that this is a story about a ghost, it really is very well done, funny, with good script and acting. Jennifer Coolidge is wonderful. On Netflix.


Movie 2: My Happy Ending

This is a British drama, both heartwarming and humorous, about four women who bond while having chemo treatments. It is not always easy to watch, but the writing and sincere performances make it an enjoyable movie. In theatres now with no potential streaming information available.


Movie 3: Creed III

This is the third boxing drama in the Creed series. It was also Michael B. Jordan’s directorial debut. Not being boxing fans at all, we think this is the best of the series so far. It’s not just about boxing. There is a subtle, gentle, humanness to it also.


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