The Quiet Girl, Cocaine Bear, Emily

Movie 1: The Quiet Girl

This is a heart-wrenching, yet very satisfying Irish drama about a nine year old girl who spends the summer with distant relatives. While her family at home is dysfunctional at best, she learns a whole new way of life on a rural farm. Beautiful cinematography. This is the first ever Irish language film nominated for an Oscar. In Irish Gaelic (a rarity in movies) and English with English subtitles.


Movie 2: Cocaine Bear

This movie is loosely based on the 1985 real life event of a 200 pound black bear who ingests a large amount of cocaine in the Georgia mountains. The bear goes on a sometimes funny rampage. We really wanted to like this movie more considering cast and director are all top notch. It is entertaining, and the audience we saw it with laughed and applauded. We just thought it was ok. Definitely not for children. Sadly, this was Ray Liotta’s last movie.


Movie 3: Emily

This is a British biographical movie, part fictional, that portrays the life and relationship of English writer Emily Bronte. The misty and brooding English countryside enhances the slow pace of this movie. Emma Mackey, who portrays Emily Bronte, is exceptionally good.


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