Wild Life, Love Again, Sisu

Movie 1: Wild Life

This is a stunning documentary, spanning decades, about conservationists buying millions of acres of land to set up national parks in Chile and Argentina. And these are no ordinary conservationists. They are the San Francisco based founders of outdoor clothing giants Espirit, The North Face and Patagonia. Beautifully filmed and told.


Movie 2: Love Again

This movie was a very pleasant surprise. It’s an English language remake of a 2016 German movie. A romantic comedy where a young woman finds love after the death of her fiancĂ©. Good acting and soundtrack. And it was fun seeing Celine Dion in an acting role playing herself.


Movie 3: Sisu

Set in 1944 Lapland near the end of WWII, a Finnish gold hunter comes across a Nazi patrol. The landscapes and cinematography of Finland are stunning. The blood and violence are totally over the top, yet this movie is absolutely mesmerizing. It has the look, feel and soundtrack of a Quentin Tarantino movie. It isn’t. But if it was it would be an instant cult classic.


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