Ajoomma, Fast X, BlackBerry

Movie 1: Ajoomma

This is a delightful gem of a movie. A middle-aged Singaporean ‘auntie’ (ajoomma in Korean) takes a package tour to South Korea. She finds herself in unfamiliar places with new friendships. The dialogue and cinematography are wonderful. This is a very thoughtful, appealing and entertaining movie. It has been well received, with many awards, at film festivals worldwide. In limited US release, but if in a theater near you, enjoy it! Korean with English subtitles.


Movie 2: Fast X

This is the latest entry in the Fast and Furious franchise. If you’ve seen any, or all, of the previous nine movies you know exactly what to expect. We couldn’t remember seeing any of the previous ones and found this one exciting and entertaining. Frantic action/car chases with beautiful cinematography. Won’t win any acting awards, but fun. And always good to see Charlize Theron.


Movie 3: BlackBerry

This is a very amusing comic drama about the emergence of the smart phone and the wonky and crazy early tech workplace. Quick paced, good writing and acting. When was the last time you heard the words Napster, Palm Pilot or BlackBerry?


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