Master Gardener, The Little Mermaid, You Hurt My Feelings

Movie 1: Master Gardener

A very meticulous gardener tends to the lavish grounds and gardens of a wealthy southern dowager. This is the final film in a trilogy by Oscar winning director Paul Shrader. The gardener is a former white supremist with a Neo-Nazi past. The movie intentionally unfolds slowly, with excellent writing and acting. Sigourney Weaver is perfect as the landowner.


Movie 2: The Little Mermaid

This is an absolutely marvelous remake of the Disney original. Ariel longs to discover a world above the sea. The visuals are stunning. Halle Bailey as Ariel and Melissa McCarthy as Ursula are perfectly cast. It will be captivating for the entire family.


Movie 3: You Hurt My Feelings

This movie is a smart, well written comedy/drama about honest communication within relationships. What happens when we learn what others really think of us? Julia Louis-Dreyfus is at the top of her game.


3 thoughts on “Master Gardener, The Little Mermaid, You Hurt My Feelings”

  1. I want to see all three! I heard Ms. Weaver interviewed on NPR. She is a big gardener in real life and said her character would have naturally deadhead plants as she walked through her gardens. The director had no idea.

  2. Master Gardener and You hurt my feelings sound really interesting.I will try and find out where they are showing. It’s not easy around here sometimes. Thanks for reviews.

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