Blood & Gold, To Leslie, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Movie 1: Blood & Gold

Set in the final days of the Third Reich, an AWOL soldier looks for his missing daughter as the Nazi’s frantically search for Jewish gold. This is a very good action thriller that, oddly, has the look, feel and soundtrack of a Clint Eastwood western. On Netflix. In German, but we watched the dubbed English version.


Movie 2: To Leslie

A West Texas woman hits rock bottom after winning $190,000 in the state lottery. The acting is excellent with gritty and truthful dialogue. Andrea Riseborough received a very controversial Oscar nomination for her role as the downtrodden mother since this film had no national distribution and was seen only by a handful of people at film festivals. Allison Janney, in a small role, is perfect. On Netflix.


Movie 3: Spider-Man: Across the Spider Verse

Did you know there is a Multiverse out there, full of spider people trying to protect us and themselves? We didn’t either, and suspect we were the only ones who didn’t given the audience reaction to this blockbuster. The animation and diversity of characters in this movie are stellar. We found it confusing, however, and its 2 hour 20 minute run time seemed a bit long. But definitely worth a look.


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