Insidious: The Red Door, God’s Crooked Lines, They Cloned Tyrone

Movie 1: Insidious: The Red Door

This is a horror thriller that is the fifth movie in the Insidious franchise. Not our favorite genre of movie, we do not remember seeing any of the first four. A father and son are hypnotized and eight years later find themselves in the identical nightmares. Not great film making, but better than we expected.


Movie 2: God’s Crooked Lines

This is a brilliant thriller with many twists and turns. A detective pretends to be mentally ill so she can be admitted to an asylum to investigate a death. This movie won several Spanish Goya awards. On Netflix. In Spanish, but we watched the dubbed English version.


Movie 3: They Cloned Tyrone

Well, now. We had read nothing about this movie before we saw it. Jamie Foxx plays a pimp who uncovers a murderous conspiracy in the neighborhood. Part thriller, part comedy, part Syfy and more than a little offensive and stereotypical, we found this a very entertaining movie. But know this movie is not for everyone. You will either enjoy it or turn it off. There is very little in between. We saw it in the theatre, but on Netflix starting July 21, 2023.


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