Oppenheimer, Theater Camp, Barbie

Movie: Oppenheimer

This film chronicles the brilliant mathematician’s life before, during and after he creates the world’s first atomic bomb. This movie is about as near perfect as a movie can be. All the months of hype is well worth the three hour run time. The acting, direction, screenplay, cinematography, sound are breathtaking. This is the best movie of the past several years and has Oscar written all over it.


Movie 2: Theater Camp

Young kids go to a theater summer camp in upstate New York. We really wanted to like this movie, but it was slow, dumb and missed the mark on several important messages. But we seem to be in the minority though. Critics liked it a lot. And our audience had about a dozen young teens who laughed, applauded and had a good time. Maybe theater folks got the inside jokes, but we didn’t.


Movie 3: Barbie

Barbie goes to the real world to see what it’s like to be human. This movie is visually dazzling. The costumes and sets are stunning. This movie has a lot to say about a lot of current and relevant topics. It hits the mark perfectly. In one weekend it has broken money records worldwide. This is a wonderful summer extravaganza.


4 thoughts on “Oppenheimer, Theater Camp, Barbie”

  1. Loved your reviews! I agree with Oppenheimer and Barbie! So glad I got to see them both immediately! Sad to see what you said about Theater Camp as I love Ben Platt and it sounds like fun! I do tend to agree with your reviews most of the time which doesn’t surprise me.

  2. Thanks for the great reviews. I’ll be seeing both movies after your reviews. Wasn’t sure about Barbie but now I’ll see it. Can’t wait.

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