Cobweb, Haunted Mansion, Talk to Me

Movie 1: Cobweb

An eight year old boy hears sounds coming from his bedroom walls. His parents don’t believe him. This is a horror film that just falls apart. Interesting premise but amateurish acting. Something definitely goes bump in the night, but by the end we don’t care much.


Movie 2: Haunted Mansion

This is a fun movie, but not as much as we had hoped. A mother and son buy a mansion that is, you guessed it, haunted. The movie does not take itself seriously, and that’s part of the appeal. Anyone who has been on the Haunted Mansion ride at any of the Disney theme parks will recognize the very good special effects.


Movie 3: Talk to Me

This Australian horror film started out really well done with good acting and plot. A group of friends discover an embalmed hand that can conjure up past memories and spirits. Then it just took itself too seriously and collapsed. It’s extremely violent and gory. We finally couldn’t wait for it to end.


Special Note: We have seen Oppenheimer, Mission Impossible and Barbie twice each. Movies get no better than this.

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