Fatale, Red White & Royal Blue, Strays

Movie 1: Fatale

This is a very good psychological thriller with lots of twists and turns. Hillary Swank is a detective investigating a murder in a wealthy Los Angeles neighborhood. Not exactly a remake of Fatal Attraction, but the similarities are inescapable. On Netflix.


Movie 2: Red White & Royal Blue

This is a charming and delightful romantic comedy. The son of the first female President of the United States and the second heir to the British throne fall in love. This has all the right ingredients for a fun fairytale. It’s the number one movie worldwide on Prime Video.


Movie 3: Strays

This is a very funny, and at times intelligent, comedy about a stray dog trying to find his way home. And the sidekicks who accompany him. But, unfortunately, the relentless vulgarity is a total distraction from an otherwise pretty good movie.


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