Landscape With Invisible Hand, Golda, Blue Beetle

Movie 1: Landscape With Invisible Hand

Set in 2036 this is a satirical sci-fi drama that depicts how our planet tries to survive when taken over by seemingly nonviolent aliens. Seen mostly through the eyes of teenagers, this movie blends social commentary with science fiction. Very well done and very thought provoking. Based on M.T. Anderson’s 2017 novel of the same name.


Movie 2: Golda

Helen Mirren transforms into Golda Meir. This is a biopic set during the Yom Kippur War. This historical drama is tense and almost claustrophobic as the camera focuses on extreme closeups of Golda’s face and constant chain smoking. The scenes between Golda Meir and Henry Kissinger (Liev Schreiber) are Academy Award quality.


Movie 3: Blue Beetle

This is a fun action-packed movie about one of the lesser known DC comic characters. A young college kid comes home looking for a job. There is plenty of humor and social commentary. The special effects are very good. The movie is about a half hour too long.


2 thoughts on “Landscape With Invisible Hand, Golda, Blue Beetle”

  1. I’m glad to read your review of Golda. The press reviews were so bad I almost didn’t go, but now I have a ticket for tomorrow.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed Golda. It was a soundtrack of my younger life when Israeli survival was at the top of a teenage Jewish boy all those years ago.

    Brilliant performance by Helen Mirren. She transformed from a beautiful woman to the wrinkled old prime minister with steely nerves.


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