Retribution, Gran Turismo, The Pope’s Exorcist

Movie 1: Retribution

Liam Neeson gives another reliably satisfying performance in this action thriller. He plays a Berlin-based investment banker with several powerful enemies. Unlike previous movies where he is running on rooftops all over the world, here he spends most of the movie driving a car with a bomb under his seat. Most critics did not care for this movie, but we thoroughly enjoyed it.


Movie 2: Gran Turismo

What an unexpected treat this movie is! Based on the real life of auto racing champion Jann Mardenborough, this is a wonderful crowd-pleasing drama. A young man from Cardiff, Wales turns a popular online racing game into a brilliant career. Knowing very little about this sport, we found ourselves on the edge of our seats most of the way. Really well done.


Movie 3: The Pope’s Exorcist

The Pope sends the Vatican’s exorcist to Spain to investigate what appears to be a demonic possession. Based on actual writings from the Vatican’s archives this is a fun horror movie. Russell Crowe does not take himself, or the movie, too seriously and plays a whisky loving priest. Not great movie making but entertaining. On Netflix.


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