Equalizer 3, Bottoms, Joyland

Movie 1: Equalizer 3

The third movie in the Equalizer franchise does not disappoint. Set in the beautiful south of Italy, Denzel Washington’s character attempts to save the area he has moved to from the infamous and brutal mafia. This movie is more violent than the first two, but it is very entertaining.


Movie 2: Bottoms

This buddy comedy is about a pair of lesbian best friends who form a fight club in high school to try and make themselves more popular. It explores feminism, sexuality and masculinity in very clever ways within the high school environment. While entertaining and very well done, we missed a lot of the jokes, angst and nuances. Being 50 years younger probably would’ve helped..


Movie 3: Joyland

This is a Pakastani drama that explores homosexuality and transgender issues in a claustrophobic and repressive neighborhood in Lahore. A young couple marries, even though the husband is gay, and the family pressures them to have children. The stifling patriarchal attitudes are palpable. We found this movie fascinating, sad, uplifting and confusing. In Arabic with English subtitles. This movie has garnered accolades and awards all over the world yet has been banned in Pakistan and much of the Arab world. Limited release in theatres but also on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.


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