The Nun II, The Eagle, The Retirement Plan

Movie 1: The Nun II

This horror movie is filmed five years after the original. The Vatican sends two young nuns to a French boarding school to determine what, and why, demonic events are happening. It quickly goes downhill from there. Not particularly scary and very low budget visuals, this is not as good as the original, and that’s not saying much.


Movie 2: The Eagle

This is a 2011 movie that can be found on Netflix. Set in 140AD as the Romans continue to invade England, a young Roman man goes north of Hadrian’s Wall looking for his father. The acting, action and cinematography was very good. We had heard nothing about this movie and found it a very pleasant surprise.


Movie 3: The Retirement Plan

This comedy/drama action movie starring Nicholas Cage is a whole lot of fun. Cage is a special ops agent who comes out of retirement to save his daughter and granddaughter from south Florida underworld thugs. This won’t win any awards but is very entertaining.


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