Amerikatsi, Expend4bles, The Black Book

Movie 1: Amerikatsi

This is an excellent drama about a young American Armenian man returning to his homeland after WWII. After the war Stalin annexed Armenia into the Soviet Union and paid expats to return. This is a very poignant film about emotional connections and the human spirit. In English and Armenian with English subtitles. In limited theatrical release, but coming soon to a yet unannounced streaming service. Our showing had about 20 older folks who must have been Armenian because they applauded throughout the movie.


Movie 2: Expend4bles

This is the fourth movie in the Expendables series and it is entertaining, if not totally implausible. The over the hill gang, joined by new recruits, are on a top secret mission to extract stolen nuclear weapons from Libya. No awards here, but fun.


Movie 3: The Black Book

This is a Nigerian action crime thriller where a minister, with a violent past, avenges the death of his son. Set in and around Lagos, Nigeria, the acting, writing and action scenes are very good. In English, but the English subtitles are very helpful. On Netflix.


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