Silent Night, Poor Things, Dream Scenario

Movie 1: Silent Night

This revenge action thriller by John Woo is violent, loud and bloody. The young son of a couple is killed in a drive by shooting, and the father goes after the gang members. Literally no one speaks a word in the entire movie, yet interestingly enough we did not notice that until well into the second half of the movie. Many film critics liked this film much more than we did.


Movie 2: Poor Things

Oh my, where to begin? This is a very exaggerated, yet immensely entertaining movie about a young woman who embarks on a journey of self-discovery. It quite literally is the kind of movie we’ve not seen before and found ourselves drawn into it from the beginning and totally mesmerized. The acting by Emma Stone, Mark Ruffalo and Willem Defoe is at times breathtaking and deserves every accolade they are receiving. The sets, costumes and cinematography are some of the most creative we have ever seen. Admittedly this movie won’t be to everyone’s taste, but if you do see it you will find it oddly uplifting and more than a little touching.


Movie 3: Dream Scenario

This is a horror/comedy/satire where Nicholas Cage plays a rather hapless and boring man who becomes famous (or infamous) as he keeps turning up in peoples dreams. The premise is interesting and Cage’s acting excellent, but overall the film just misses the mark. It would have helped if the supporting cast would have been as believable as Cage. Currently in theatres but on HBO Max later this month.


2 thoughts on “Silent Night, Poor Things, Dream Scenario”

  1. One part of your review of Poor Things was right on the money for me:

    This movie won’t be to everyone’s taste.

    Too right.

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