Eileen, Rustin, Wonka

Movie 1: Eileen

This is a psychological thriller that at times can be very good, but other times dark, moody and confusing. Two young women befriend each other as they both work in a juvenile detention center. The acting is quite good. But when the filmed ended we thought “what just happened?” Limited release in theatres, no streaming options as of yet.


Movie 2: Rustin

This is an excellent drama about the people and events that led up to the 1963 Civil Rights March on Washington. The acting is superb. The lead actor, Colman Domingo, and the movie deserve all the accolades and award nominations they are receiving. The screenplay is witty, touching and right on target. We had never heard of Bayard Rustin before watching this movie. He was indeed a very special American, not only fighting the rampant racism of the early 60’s but blatant homophobia also. On Netflix.


Movie 3: Wonka

If you are at all a Willie Wonka fan you will very much enjoy this remake. There is a whimsy and an innocence to it. The costumes and sets are wonderful and even Timothee Chalamet’s singing isn’t half bad. Not great film making by any means, but it is a whole lot of fun.


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