Memory, Night Swim, Freud’s Last Session

Movie 1: Memory

This is a complicated, yet simple, love story between two very flawed people, the young man having early onset dementia. At times it was really difficult to watch. We came away from the movie not particularly caring for it. But the more we thought about it the more compelling it became. Excellent acting.


Movie 2: Night Swim

An injured baseball player and his wife buy a home with a backyard swimming pool. The kids love the pool, and it provides him physical therapy. The first hour or so of this horror film is very scary, intense and intelligent. The last half hour it takes itself too seriously and just falls apart.


Movie 3: Freud’s Last Memory

We really wanted to like this movie way more than we did. The acting is outstanding. Not necessarily based on fact, the movie presupposes that Sigmund Freud invited C.S. Lewis to his London home. We found the movie slow and the dialogue at times confusing. But Anthony Hopkins shines.


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