Mean Girls, Anatomy of a Fall, Good Grief

Movie 1: Mean Girls

This is a smart and entertaining high school comedy. If you saw the 2004 original you will know exactly what to expect from this latest rendition. Tina Fey, as writer, producer and star of the movie is very good. The characters and situations are timely for 2024.


Movie 2: Anatomy of a Fall

This is a riveting psychological drama that is part murder mystery and part courtroom drama. The acting is impeccable and Sandra Huller deserves all the praise and award nominations she is receiving. The setting in Grenoble France is gorgeous. This is a front runner for Best Foreign Film Oscar. In English and French, with English subtitles. On Amazon Prime Video.


Movie 3: Good Grief

This is a very intelligent drama about grief, loss and redemption. While not a comedy, there are many funny moments. It is also the directorial debut for Daniel Levy of Schitt’s Creek fame. The settings in London and Paris are perfect. On Netflix.


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