The Beekeeper, The Book of Clarence, The Zone of Interest

Movie 1: The Beekeeper

Jason Statham plays a retired government operative who quietly cultivates beehives until he is suddenly no longer retired. He then goes on a rampage eliminating white collar crooks who take advantage of common folks. Kind of like Denzel Washington in the Equalizer series, but not nearly as well done as those movies. This is a very entertaining film, although totally implausible. Good first rate cast.


Movie 2: The Book of Clarence

This is a very well acted, well written satirical faith-based comedy. The predominantly black cast retells the story of Jesus just before and during the crucifixion. Not quite sure about the ending, we did find this movie a very enjoyable farce with timely and relevant social and political overtones.


Movie 3: The Zone of Interest

This movie is haunting and disturbing. The commandant of Auschwitz and his family live next to the infamous concentration camp. Their house, gardens, swimming pool, parties, lavish meals are all beautiful. They lead normal, quiet lives as heart wrenching cries for help and smoke from the crematoriums fill the air and human ashes flow in a river where children swim. This is like no Holocaust film we’ve ever seen. It deserves every worldwide award and accolade it is receiving. German with English subtitles.


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