Origin, Griselda, The Teachers’ Lounge

Movie 1: Origin

This movie brims with intelligence and conviction about the origins of racism and the caste system. This is a wonderful narrative as it follows the life of a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist. This is stunningly important filmmaking that should be required viewing for everyone, especially in an election year.


Movie 2: Griselda

This six-part Netflix limited series is violent, gritty and shows the underbelly of the Medellin crime cartel. Based on true events and set mostly in 1970’s Miami, Sophia Vergara gives a riveting performance as crime boss Griselda Blanco. Each episode is less than an hour.


Movie 3: The Teachers’ Lounge

This German film is a gripping, realistic thriller about assumptions and innuendo in a high school classroom and teacher’s lounge. It made us very happy we are not teachers. This film is nominated for Best Foreign Film Oscar. While very good, we don’t necessarily agree with the nomination. In theatres and HBO Max. German with English subtitles.


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