American Assassin, The Greatest Night in Pop, The Promised Land

Movie 1: American Assassin

This is a 2017 action packed espionage thriller. Terrorists buy and steal materials for a nuclear weapon and American agencies attempt to stop the detonation. A really good role for Michael Keaton. We didn’t remember seeing this in theatres. Currently on Netflix.


Movie 2: The Greatest Night in Pop

Wow, talk about a trip down memory lane! This is a documentary about the making of the 1985 worldwide mega-hit song We Are The World. Wonderful behind the scenes footage from a galaxy of pop stars. Narrated by Lionel Ritchie, with a dozen or more current interviews, this movie is totally irresistible. On Netflix.


Movie 3: The Promised Land

This is an epic Danish Western thriller that has the look and feel of a Gothic novel. Set on the moors of 18th century Jutland, Denmark a former soldier sets out to cultivate potatoes on this dark and brooding landscape. Mads Mikkelsen gives another towering performance. This movie had its debut at the Venice Film Festival to wide acclaim. Danish with English subtitles.


4 thoughts on “American Assassin, The Greatest Night in Pop, The Promised Land”

  1. Absolutely loved ‘The Greatest Night in Pop’!
    Fascinating seeing how everyone pulled together to make it happen!
    You guys are bang-on in your review!

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