Novello Theater, Momma Mia, London, United Kingdom

Mamma Mia!

mamma miaThe long running musical Mamma Mia has attracted audiences for decades.  Its catchy Abba playlist set in the Greek Islands and the comedic love triangle plus one has become a classic.  This was our third viewing over time and possibly the most rewarding.

Perhaps it’s because it is playing in one of our favorite Cities in the World, London.  Or maybe it is because the production at the charming, four tier, West End Novello Theater just made it feel more intimate.

What caught our attention was the surprisingly large number of children, from four to teens and older.  And when they liked something they heard, they leapt to their feet and danced their tootsies off.  Conversely, we spotted many  seniors you might not expect to be up shaking it around, but there They were!

And why not, it is a classic, funny, charming and a reminder of the value of young at heart.

Rating: 4 Globes.

One thought on “Novello Theater, Momma Mia, London, United Kingdom”

  1. West End theater can’t be beat. It’s worth the trip to London just to see the best theater in the world. What a treasure!

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