Travel: Wisconsin to San Francisco, on the road again, Part 2

Finally a little time to catch up on more discoveries while on the road. Yesterday, in Kearney, NE we stumbled upon an old Post Office building that has been transformed into an art museum.

This small venue houses a surprisingly good mix of art.  Traditional, contemporary, photography and a small sculpture garden.  Best news, it is free!  If you are in the area, it is well worth a look.  Better yet, plan your visit around the Sandhill crane’s annual migration in March and April when 80 percent of the worlds Sandhill cranes stop here during their migration.

Here are some of our favorite images from their collection.

A contemporary piece made from folded felt on end.
This colorful piece is made from razors, lighters, pens, and brushes.

There was an impressive collection of photos from National Geographic.  We liked these.

Mr. De Mille, we are ready for our close up!
I an here from my Delta Dental appointment.
I’d like a manicure please.
We loved this vintage black and white photo.

And of course two stunning original oil paintings by local artists!    

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